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End of our first week

Thàinig Mrs Laird dhan chlas an-diugh agus dh’fhaighnich i dha na sgoilearan ciamar a chaidh a’ chiad seachdain, dè tha math agus ciamar a b’urrainn dhuinn rudan a dhèanamh nas fheàrr. Seo na rudan a thuirt iad:

I (Mrs Laird) visited the children today to see how their first week back had been.

What’s gone well?/De bha math?

  • Playing with new friends
  • Visiting the other classes and working together with them (P6/7)
  • Making new friends
  • Making friends with old friends
  • The play kitchen
  • Cleverboard – it can move and change colour!
  • Puppet show
  • Singing
  • Chess club
  • New topic – crofts and farming

What are you looking forward to?/De tha thu coimhead air adhart ris?

  • Café
  • Having parents visit
  • The play
  • Baking

It would be even better if…../Bhiodh e nas fhearr buileach….

  • We could make the play kitchen even bigger
  • We could bring a lamb into school!

The children also visited the portacabin to see their old area and discussed the changes.  It was great to hear how much they are enjoying their new classroom and experiences.


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