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Cuairt sa choille, Radio nan Gaidheal is eile

Thadhal Domhnall Morris bho CnAG oirnn an t-seachdain seo. Chaidh sinn dhan choille  airson camara a chuir an àrd gus am faic sinn dè na beathaichean a tha mun cuairt.  Coimheadaidh sinn air  nuair a thilleaas Domhnall ann an seachdain neo dhà.

Donald Morris came and visited us and we went up to the woods where we have put up a camera to see what wildlife we can capture on camera. We will be able to view the film when Donald returns in a couple of weeks.  We also found a bee home and trained a camera on the bee home for half an hour to see if we could capture some bee activity – there were plenty bees but they were too fast for the camera!

We have also been busy painting our ‘bee’ filing cabinets and they are now in place down at the playpark and ready for planting.

Bha Aileag gar clàradh an t-seachdain seo cuideachd a’ bruidhinn mu dheidhinn an ceòl as fheàrr leinn agus bidh sinn air Radio Nan Gaidheal  Dihaoine aig 2f agus Disathairne aig 12:00f.

The children have also been recorded on Radio nan Gaidheal talking about their favourite music, you can listen out for the children on Friday (today) at 2pm and also tomorrow (Saturday) at 12 midday.


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