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Aig a Mhòid/Mod 2019

Abair latha a bha againn aig a Mhòid Dihaoine sa chaidh.  Bha a chlann cho dòigheil agus abair gun do rinn iad math leis an òrain againn, ‘Birlinn Ghoraidh Chròbhain.’  Mòran taing do phàrantan a thàinig airson taic a thoirt dhan chloinn agus cuideachd do Mrs Haig airson cuideachadh le aodach agus ‘props.’

We had a great day at the Mod last Friday.  The children did us proud on stage as they sang our class song ‘Birlinn Ghoraidh Chròbhain.’  Also a huge well done to all who took part in individual competitons, they all did so well with very good marks all round.  Many thanks to parents who took the children along and supported them and also to Mrs Haig who helped us with our Viking costumes and props, complete with our very own NessieHIBK4017[1]!


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