Na Bhictorianaich

Fàilte air ais! Welcome back to our new term – we have started learning about the Victorians and have already created our life sized Queen Victoria and Prince Albert!



HT Homework Writing Challenge — 2018/19 Glenurquhart Primary News — Primary 3/4 ~ Mrs McLean and Mrs James

A reminder that children should bring in their homework ‘books’ to share with their classes next week – Monday, 17th. I’m looking forward to reading all our budding author’s work. The sheet relating to this can be found in Newsletters section. via HT Homework Writing Challenge — 2018/19 Glenurquhart Primary News

via HT Homework Writing Challenge — 2018/19 Glenurquhart Primary News 

Iomairt/Enterprise agus Teadaidh ag iarraidh ainm!

Tha sinn air glainneachan snog a sgeadachadh airson t-lights, cuideachd tha sinn air mìosachain a chruthachadh a’ sealltainn na ràithean agus mìosan airson 2019.  A bharrachd air sin tha ‘Ainmich an Teadaidh’ againn – bidh an liosta a’ dol dhachaigh airson oidhche dhan h-uile duine.  Taing airson ar taic le seo.

We have decorated t-light holders and made A3 2019 calendars, showing the seasons and months. Please have a look at the photos to see if you would like to buy one.  Also we have a ‘Name the teddy’ competition – the list of names will go home for one night with each child.  We have taken the opportunity to learn about how to work out costs and profit and had fun at the same time!

Thank you for your support in our mini-enterprise. IMG_20181206_133123[1]IMG_20181206_162342[1]IMG_20181206_162349[1]

Beekeeper visit

Thadhal Mrs agus Mr Carstairs oirnn an t-seachdain seo agus sheall iad dhuinn beehive agus mar a tha e ag obair. Bha e gu math inntinneach agus fhuair sinn blasad de mil cuideachd. Bha e blasta.
We had a visit from Mr and Mrs Carstairs this week. Mrs Carstairs is a beekeeper and she showed us how to build a bee hive and also we got a taste of some delicious honey. It was very interesting and helped us to understand how important bees are to the food environment and also how busy they are all their lives for just a half teaspoon of honey from each one! There are as many as 60,000 bees in one hive and if the Queen bee is lost or dies they sometimes have to send for a new Queen bee.
Tha sinn cuideachd air a bhith trang ann an teicneòlas a’ cruthachadh taighean airson eòin.
We have also been busy in Science and technology creating bird boxes.

Our parents came to visit us also for our parent afternoon and we shared some of our learning with them, we played Education City addition games and also did some weighing


using our knowledge of grams and kilograms.

Mòran taing


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